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  • They help safeguard yourself against a rise in interest rates.
    I will be able to secure an approval and rate hold, subject to financing approval, up to 18 months; if there is a rise in rate you are locked-in; if rates remain the same or go lower, you get the lower rate.
  • Safeguard yourself against real estate market fluctuations.
    Your approval is firm - the home is appraised by the lender up front and the evaluation is not re-visited between approval and the completion of your sale.
  • Safeguard yourself against changes in Government/Banking Underwriting policies.
    Your approval is FIRM - you are protected against any new mortgage policy changes with respect to income, down payment, amortization, etc that could affect the qualification requirements. Your approval is FIRM and does not change.
  • Safeguard yourself against changes in your Financial Position.
    Your approval is FIRM - the lender will not pull another credit check or require newly updated income verification documents prior to the completion date as approved.
  • Safeguard yourself against changes in your health or circumstances.
    Your the approval comes with the option of life & critical & disability insurance to further safeguard your investment. Within certain parameters being met, these options will require no premiums paid right up to completion. Please ask me for more details.

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